Ultrasonic concentration measurement

2009-02-19 01:15:00

The process analyser PIOX® S determines the concentration or the density of liquids or further process quantities using ultrasounds. The sound velocity of the liquid is the primarily measured quantity for this task.

PIOX® S can be used to control the concentration of solutions or to monitor chemical reactions such as polymerization, crystallization, neutralization processes, phase separation processes, etc.

Through quality control or product detection, PIOX® can help you to reach higher quality and to optimize your process. Thanks to the continuous control of the process parameters, the periodical controls and spot tests belong to the past. The process can be controlled exactly, in case of the deviations from the target quantities, an immediate reaction is possible. A higher product quality is reached and the material, time and energy consumption is reduced.

The measurement can take place with wetted transducers or with non-intrusive clamp-on transducers. The clamp-on technology is ideal for the measurement of chemically aggressive, corrosive or ultrapure media.

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