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OL-55 On-Line Tensiometer

2009-02-21 11:42:00

 By continuously measuring surface tension, the OL-55 monitors the level of surface active chemical additives in water-based process liquids. Based on the information from the measurement the operator can either manually dose chemicals into the process or the optional auto-dosing system can be used. On-line tensiometerContinuous monitoring of surface tension and other parameters, including pH, temperature, and conductivity, in various process liquids for optimising the dosing of chemicals Rugged design for factory applications Fully automatic computer controlled operation Patented technologyBenefitsEliminates overdosing of surfactants - reducing costs Controls processes - improves efficiency and quality Reduces waste and improves yield Improves environmental control Extends chemical lifetime in processes SpecificationsSurface tension measuring range 20 to 80 mN/mResolution 0.1 mN/mUpdate time for liquid 3 minutes from change in process liquid Temperature measuring range (optional) 15 to 85°CpH measuring range (optional) 2 to 14Flow rate 18 l/hSelf-cleaning filter Standard 100 μm (others by request)Voltage 100-240 V (automatic) 50/60 HzPower consumpiton < 60 WFuses 315 mADimensions 544 x 428 x 236 mm (H x L x D)Optional features On-line pH monitoring On-line conductivity monitoringOn-line process temperature measurement Automatic dosing of surfactants and clean water based on measurement data... Devamı

Ultrasonic concentration measurement

2009-02-19 01:15:00

The process analyser PIOX® S determines the concentration or the density of liquids or further process quantities using ultrasounds. The sound velocity of the liquid is the primarily measured quantity for this task.PIOX® S can be used to control the concentration of solutions or to monitor chemical reactions such as polymerization, crystallization, neutralization processes, phase separation processes, etc.Through quality control or product detection, PIOX® can help you to reach higher quality and to optimize your process. Thanks to the continuous control of the process parameters, the periodical controls and spot tests belong to the past. The process can be controlled exactly, in case of the deviations from the target quantities, an immediate reaction is possible. A higher product quality is reached and the material, time and energy consumption is reduced.The measurement can take place with wetted transducers or with non-intrusive clamp-on transducers. The clamp-on technology is ideal for the measurement of chemically aggressive, corrosive or ultrapure media. Devamı

arzum ve ben

2009-02-18 22:32:00

buda benim biriciğim sizlerin adardil blogcu olarak tanıdığı  benim canım arkadaşım ARZUM(kankam)hani bazen  sinirli olursunuz yada ne bileyim birileri benim nazımı çeksin istersiniz ya işte benim  arkadaşım da hep böyledirgünler yaklaştıkca çok çok üzülüyorum malum tayin zamanı ayrılık zamanı biliyorumArzum dan ayrılmak beni çok üzecekumarım kader bizi  tekrar aynı şehir deyıllar sonra da olsa  birleştirir...canım ARZU 'm seniçokkkkkk seviyorummmmmm.Canım  kankammmmm benimm Devamı

Dakota Mass Flow Meters

2009-02-17 00:52:00

Dakota Instruments, Inc. ("Dakota") Privacy PolicyDakota is committed to protecting your privacy. That is because we base our business on the trust you place in us. This policy describes our practices regarding personal and account information collected through our Web site. In this policy, "personal and account information" means your name, company name, account number, address, telephone number, and e-mail address plus other information that personally identifies you, including your industry, the number of employees at your company, and purchase history, and "we" and "us" means Dakota as well as its affiliated companies.We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy from time to time. You should visit our Web site periodically to review any changes.How much information must I share?The amount and type of information we collect from you depends on your activities and use of our Web site. Below, we explain what information we collect.When you browse our Web siteIP address - We collect your IP address to measure our Web site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience. [IP addresses are the way computers are identified over networks, including the Internet. They are unique 32-bit numeric addresses. You'll see them written as groups of four numbers with periods separating each set. IP addresses act as unique identifiers of individual computers.] Referral Web site - If you come to our Web site via a link, we collect the location of the link that referred you. Browser type - We collect information about the browser you are using to help optimize our Web site for visitors. Movements through our Web site - We keep track of pages you visit to help provide you with a more personalized shopping experience. ... Devamı


2009-02-05 21:08:00

                                             MALZEMELER                                        500GR BÜSKİVİ                                        1 PAKET PUDİNG                                        2 PAKET KREM ŞANTİ                                         SÜT                                               YAPILIŞI                                     PUDİNGİMİZİ PİŞİRELİM.KREM                                &... Devamı